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Sky Dancers

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Sky Dancers

The shrill, faint cry of sandhill cranes

rolled east across the morning sky.

Heading west, the bellies of arctic geese.

gleamed white against the blue.


the snow geese flew straight

into the sandhill cranes’ formation.

And the cranes,

The cranes greeted the geese,

forming a half circle.

And the geese swirled left

completing the sphere.

Half black, half white,

A fetish necklace in the sky.

Changing sides.

White and black

Black then white

they swirled and circled

In a dance of Celebration.

As if to say:

The sky is blue,

Blue and clear.

And we are heading home.

Then the birds began to spiral.

Awestruck, I watched them spiral.


I watched them spiral,

Spiral toward the sun.

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1 Comment

May 09, 2021

Very nice thoughts. I have Norway, Iceland & Finland in my blood. Cold is cold. Sunshine, is nice when it is dry. Glad to have discovered your BLOG.

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